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Q: What is Invisalign and Why is it Popular?
A: Metal braces are the most common treatment option for crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, and other smile issues. But metal braces are also clearly visible, and can cause not only embarrassment for the wearer, but a range of problems that could affect the look of your teeth. Invisalign uses clear aligners, and the system is removable making it easier to keep up with good oral hygiene.

Q: Does Remarkable Smiles Only Work With Invisalign?
A: Dr. Rashidi is a trained orthodontist that deals with all smile issues and is well versed in all types of treatment modalities. You can find out more about full list of othertreatment programs at Invisalign is just one of the many procedures that Dr. Rashidi may use to improve your smile.

Q: Is Invisalign Hard to Use?
A: Invisalign is very easy to use. You’ll receive a series of clear aligners depending on your specific smile problem. You’ll wear the aligner throughout the day and night, unless you are brushing your teeth or eating. Your teeth will move gradually into the position planned by the Invisalign system, and every two weeks you’ll replace the aligner with the next in the series. Ask us about the Accelerated Treatment Option to significantly shorten the length of your treatment time.

That said, Invisalign does require some upkeep. You have to make sure you keep the aligners clean, you have to avoid damaging the aligners, and you have to make sure that you are wearing them at all possible times when not eating or brushing. But those that are willing to commit tend to find that Invisalign is the most convenient system that helps straighten teeth over time.

Q: Are There Any Risks?
A: Invisalign poses fewer risks than traditional metal braces. There is less discomfort and less risk for tooth decay. If aligners are not cared for and are damaged or lost, then new aligners need to be created.

Q: Will Invisalign Work For Me?
A: Invisalign is a great choice for many patients to achieve the smile they always wanted to have. However, the only way to know if you are a candidate for Invisalign is to call Remarkable Smiles today. Candidates should maintain excellent oral healthcare, have mild to moderate crowding (crooked and mis-aligned teeth) or other orthodontic issues, and be willing to wear the aligners and Dr. Rashidi will do the rest.

Q: Does Invisalign Do the Same Thing as Metal Braces?
A: For many patients, yes. Invisalign can produce the same results as metal braces, especially for mild to moderate orthodontic problems. However, some more severe and special cases may still require braces, or an alternative solution.

Q: How Much Does Invisalign Cost?
A: Many insurance companies cover some of the costs of Invisalign, and the cost can vary significantly depending on the type of orthodontic problems, the degree, and the number of aligners you’ll need to create. Our consultations come with no obligation, so please feel free and contact Remarkable Smiles to find out your specific treatment needs.


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