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Retainers After Invisalign: Why Are They Necessary?

The Next Step – Retaining Your Smile

Once you are done with your Invisalign or Invisalign teen treatment, you will still need to maintain it. That is why Dr. Rashidi may recommend a retainer. Most patients that finish any type of braces – whether they are metal braces or Invisalign – need to use a retainer for the rest of their lives to keep the teeth in place.

That is because even though your smile may look more attractive, your teeth were designed to be in their original location. If you allow them to move freely in your mouth, they will often slowly but surely migrate to the spot where they were previously.

Retainers are the best tool for preventing this migration. They hold the teeth in place at night so that your teeth cannot move while you sleep. Although wearing a retainer can feel awkward at first, they become very easy to get used to as your teeth become accustomed to their presence, and most people that use retainers at night sleep soundly without a second thought.

What Are The Alternatives to Retainers?

Although many patients request alternatives to the traditional retainer, there are currently no known options available that are useful in the long term. Invisalign aligners would not be able to last more than a few weeks as a retainer, and there are no surgeries or implants that can keep your teeth in place.

Dr. Rashidi will do his best to create the most comfortable, effective, long lasting retainer for your needs, and rest assured that within a few weeks you are unlikely to notice a difference in your life. If you are in the Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Foot Hill Ranch, Irvine, Ladera Ranch, or Laguna Niguel area, contact Dr. Mark Rashidi’s office, today.


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