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Invisalign is a highly popular treatment throughout Orange County for fixing crooked teeth. It is clear, simple, gentle, and provides an effective solution for many different types of smile issues. Its popularity with both teens and adults has made it one of the most sought after treatments in orthodontics, and a great choice for many different types of teeth.

Invisalign treatments are similar across dentists. But you still need to make sure you’re making smart choices with who you choose for your Orange County Invisalign treatment.

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Although Invisalign has been around for a while, it’s not uncommon to have questions about the procedure. Invisalign is a great treatment, and easily one of the most popular in Orange County, but it is also not right for everyone, and it’s important to stay informed and educated about your options.

This is especially true if you have young people and teens that are interested in Invisalign. Young people often prefer the idea of Invisalign because they want to avoid the look of metal braces. But is it the best option? We explore common Invisalign questions for parents in this article.

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Nighttime tooth grinding is a common problem. Known medically as “bruxism,” it is more common in those that have unresolved stress when they go to sleep, but may affect almost anyone for what may appear to be no reason at all.

Tooth grinding can be problematic from a dental perspective. Many people that grind their teeth end up experiencing headaches, tooth damage, and possibly the development of TMJ. Yet it is also manageable, and many of those that struggle with tooth grinding are able to control the condition with nighttime mouth guards.

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Invisalign has quickly become one of the most popular ways for adults to change their smile. Clear, discreet, and effective, Invisalign has the ability to straighten mild to moderate crooked teeth without the look that many people dislike of metal braces.

But what about if you’re pregnant? Thousands of women every year either already have braces, or have been scheduled to receive braces while they’re pregnant, and it’s not uncommon to have questions about what that means and what it might entail. The following are some questions you may have about Invisalign during pregnancy, and some considerations you may want to make before deciding on your treatment.

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One of the advantages of Invisalign as a treatment for crooked teeth is that you can take the aligners off whenever you want to eat and drink. This allows you to eat and drink anything you want to without worrying about getting food stuck in your teeth, or experiencing extra risk for tooth decay.

However, it is not quite as simple as taking the aligners on and off. You’ll also be expected to clean your teeth and the aligners. For those that limit themselves to 3 meals a day, this often isn’t a problem. But for those that like to snack during the day, you may have to consider what snacks you can have throughout the day, and what it may mean for your diet.

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